(a)    Establishment. There is hereby established within the Department of Community Development for the Community Development Block Grant Program the position of Rehabilitation Specialist.
   (b)    Compensation. The Rehabilitation Specialist shall be compensated at a salary to be determined and negotiated, based upon the individual appointee's qualifications and experience.
   (c)    Direction. The Rehabilitation Specialist shall serve under the direction of the Community Development Manager and the Mayor.
   (d)   Qualifications. The Rehabilitation Specialist shall have a high school diploma, with college training and at least three years of experience in construction supervision preferred.
   (e)   Duties and Responsibilities. The Rehabilitation Specialist shall:
      (1)   Supervise all CETA Manpower employees under the Department and, with the Program Coordinator, maintain payroll records, etc., on such employees;
      (2)   Oversee all rehabilitation and blight removal activities as defined in MOTL's Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program B-78-DS-39-9004, including, but not limited to:
         A.   Inspections, cost estimates and the preparation of written reports on rehabilitation and blight removal jobs;
         B.   The preparation of standards and contract documents relative to these jobs;
         C.   The analysis of contractor bids for rehabilitation and blight removal work;
         D.   Acting as a general contractor with such CETA employees for the completion of actual rehabilitation and blight removal work, such as rough carpentry, dry walling, painting and site work, and the supervision of employee training programs; and
         E.   Inspections and the preparation of written reports on all rehabilitation and blight removal work by private contractors.
      (3)   Accept any other related job assignment by the Community Development Manager.
(Res. 79-R-42. Passed 10-9-79.)