There is hereby established under the office of the Mayor a Department of Community Development. The function of such Department shall be to proceed with all actions necessary or required to implement the Community Development Block Grant Program of the City, including, but not limited to, the following activities as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations, as amended:
   (a)   The rehabilitation of buildings and improvements;
   (b)   The redevelopment of land, including the acquisition of real property, the provision of relocation payments and assistance and the site preparation of land so acquired;
   (c)   The provision of public facilities and improvements, including the acquisition, construction, reconstruction and installation of such facilities and improvements;
   (d)   Blight removal, including the clearance, demolition and removal of buildings and improvements on land acquired by the City or otherwise determined to be a public nuisance; and
   (e)   The provision of all planning and administrative services.
(Ord.79-0-32. Passed 11-13-79.)