(a)   Every person using the services of the Fire Department Rescue Squad, or the guardian of such person, or any other person who is financially responsible for such person, shall be liable for the payment of the rescue squad service charges that are established in this section.
(Ord.98-0-07. Passed 5-26-98.)
   (b)   The following schedule of fees shall be applicable to individuals who use the following services:
   Basic Life Support Transportation            $800.00
   Advanced Life Support Transportation-1          900.00
   Advanced Life Support Transportation-2         1,000.00
(Ord. 2009-O-17. Passed 10-27-09; Ord. 2011-O-18. Passed 9-27-11; Ord. 2016-O-09. Passed 3-22-16; Ord. 2020-O-15. Passed 9-8-20.)
   (c)   (1)   The City will provide ambulance and emergency rescue squad services in exchange for the assignment of insurance company proceeds available to the non-resident user, and the City will accept as full payment from the nonresident the usual and customary rates as allowed by the particular insurance companies for the services provided. The City will not charge or collect any amount of money in excess of the usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) payments, including any amounts received from Medicare and/or any Medicare Supplemental insurance carriers and/or Medicaid.
      (2)   The City will provide ambulance and emergency rescue squad services to residents and the City shall only bill residents and their insurers, including the Federal Health Care programs of Medicare and Medicaid, for the services provided but only to the extent of their insurance coverage, i.e., there will be no out-of-pocket costs to the residents of the City. The City shall treat the revenues received from local taxes as payment of any otherwise applicable co-payments and deductibles that would otherwise be due from the residents of the City.
(Ord.98-0-11. Passed 7-28-98; Ord.2002-0-07. Passed 5-14-02.)
   (d)   The Mayor is hereby authorized to enter into an agreement with a company that will provide electronic claims filing systems for the purpose of collecting insurance proceeds indicated in subsection (c) hereof.
   (e)   The Mayor and the Finance Director are hereby authorized to establish guidelines and procedures to assist the indigent and the financially needy who are unable to pay for rescue squad services.
(Ord.98-0-07. Passed 5-26-98.)