(a)   Establishment; Responsibilities. There is hereby established a Bureau of Fire Prevention within the Fire Department, which shall be operated under the supervision of the Fire Chief, who shall be Chief of such Bureau. The Bureau shall be responsible for the enforcement of Part Sixteen - the Fire Prevention Code and those chapters or sections elsewhere specified.
(Ord.84-0-22. Passed 8-14-84.)
   (b)   Composition. The Bureau shall be composed of the Fire Chief and such Fire Safety Inspectors as may be appointed from time to time by the Safety Director.
   (c)   Qualifications of Fire Safety Inspectors. Fire Safety Inspectors shall have such qualifications as are prescribed by State law and shall also have served in a municipal fire department for a minimum of five years prior to being appointed.
   (d)   Assistance and Cooperation. The Fire Chief may request and shall receive so far as maybe necessary, in the discharge of his duties, the assistance and cooperation of other officials of the City.