(a)   Establishment. Pursuant to Section 6.01 of the City Charter, there is hereby established a Central Communications Division in and for the City.
(Ord.72-73. Passed 10-10-72.)
   (b)   Duties. The Division shall combine Police and Fire Department radio dispatching services, telephone services for the Police, Fire and Service Departments, and such other duties as may be designated by the Safety Director.
   (c)   Supervision.
      (1)   The ultimate responsibility for the supervision and control of the Department of Safety shall rest with the Safety Director.
      (2)   The day-to-day functions of the Central Communications Division shall be under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police who shall establish all procedures and policies relating to the Division, except as set out in paragraph (c) (3) hereof.
      (3)   The policies and procedures relative to the Fire Department shall be established by the Fire Chief.
(Ord.80-0-23. Passed 5-12-81.)