Community Antenna Television Systems
   EDITOR’S NOTE: By Ordinance 07-0-91, passed September 19, 2007, Council provided that all video service providers providing video service in the City pursuant to a video service authorization obtained from the Director of the Ohio Department of Commerce shall pay to the City Video Service Provider Fees (“VSP Fees”) in the amount of five percent (5%) of gross revenues received from providing video service in the City.
961.01    Definitions.
961.02    Franchise grant.
961.03    Franchise to operate.
961.04   Application for CATV franchise.
961.05    Insurance.
961.06    Franchise fee.
961.07    Surety bond.
961.08    Books and records of the company.
961.09    Rates.
961.10    Maps, plats and reports.
961.11    Conditions on street occupancy.
961.12    Construction and installation of system.
961.13    System configuration.
961.14    Operation.
961.15    Supervision by the City.
961.16    Removal of equipment from public ways.
961.17    Certificate of public convenience.
961.18    Filings and communications with regulatory agencies.
961.19    Application for permits.
961.20    Emergency alert.
961.21    Safety requirements.
961.22    New developments.
961.23    Service agreements, rules and regulations.
961.24    City's right to intervention in suits.
961.25    Open access.
961.26    Restrictions against assignment.
961.27    Preferential or discriminatory practice prohibited.
961.28    Restrictions on franchise.
961.29    Revocation of franchise.
961.30    Condemnation.
961.31    Sale, repair or installment of television sets by grantee prohibited.
961.32    Failure of City to enforce the franchise no waiver of the terms thereof.
961.33    Time essence of this agreement.
961.34    Rights reserved to the City.
961.35    Grantee to have no recourse.
961.36    Extension of City limits.
961.37    Employment regulations.
961.38    Tampering.
961.39    Mentor Cable TV Commission.
Tampering - see GEN OFF. 541.04
Theft of services - see GEN. OFF. 545.05