§ 15.04.040  RECYCLED WATER.
   (A)   Use of recycled or reclaimed water is encouraged.
   (B)   An applicant proposing any new landscape that is subject to this chapter as provided in § 15.04.020 and designated for recycled water use, is advised that recycled water irrigation systems will entail additional coordination with the local water purveyor, the land use agency and the maintenance entity's standards, approvals, and implementation requirements. Therefore, applicants shall consult with the appropriate water purveyor early in the development review process to ensure that future recycled water facilities meet the projected demand and that subsequent landscape plans comply with the applicable standards, approvals, and implementation requirements of the local water purveyor, land use agency, and maintenance entity.
   (C)   Water systems for common open space areas shall use non-potable water if approved facilities are made available by the water purveyor. Provisions for a non-potable water system shall be provided within the landscape plan. Water systems designed to utilize non-potable water shall be designed to meet all applicable standards of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Riverside County Health Department.
(Ord. 2009-61, passed 11-3-2009)