The water-efficient landscape requirements contained in this chapter apply as follows:
   (A)   To existing properties with landscape areas one acre or greater in size; or
   (B)   Properties served by a dedicated landscape irrigation meter; or
   (C)   To all new construction landscapes not installed on or after 1-1-2010, when such landscapes are homeowner-provided and or homeowner-hired in single-family and multi-family projects with a total project landscape area equal to or greater than 5,000 square feet requiring a building or landscape permit, plan checks or design review and/or all other landscape projects with a landscape area equal to or greater than 2,500 square feet subject to discretionary permits, plan checks, design reviews, and/or approvals;
   (D)   To those sections of this chapter as otherwise provided;
   (E)   To existing cemeteries only as to § 15.04.080;
   (F)   To new or rehabilitated cemeteries only as to § 15.04.060(A) through (C).
(Ord. 2009-61, passed 11-3-2009)