This section applies to all landscape projects subject to this chapter.
   (A)   The Riverside County Guide to California Friendly Landscaping (Landscaping Guide) shall be used to assist the applicant in implementing landscape maintenance to ensure water use efficiency.
   (B)   Two irrigation schedules shall be prepared, one for the initial establishment period of six months and one for the established landscape, which incorporate the specific water needs of the plants and turf throughout the calendar year. The irrigation schedule shall take into account the particular characteristics of the soil; shall be continuously available on site to those responsible for the landscape maintenance; and shall contain specifics as to optimum run time and frequency of watering, and irrigation hours per day. The schedule currently in effect shall be posted at the controller.
   (C)   A regular maintenance schedule and certificate of completion shall be submitted to the Community Development Director, property owner, and water purveyor. A regular maintenance schedule shall include, but not be limited to, routine inspection, adjustments, and repair of the irrigation system and its components; aerating and dethatching turf areas; replenishing mulch; fertilizing; pruning, weeding in all landscape areas and removing any obstruction to irrigation devices. Repair of all irrigation equipment shall be done with the originally installed components or equivalent.
   (D)   All model homes that are landscaped shall use signs and written information to demonstrate the principles of water efficient landscapes described in this chapter.
   (E)   Information shall be provided to owners of new, single-family residential homes regarding the design, installation, management, and maintenance of water efficient landscapes.
(Ord. 2009-61, passed 11-3-2009)