A.   Inspections Required:
      1.   All work for which a permit is required shall be subject to inspection by the code enforcement officer and his representatives. The code enforcement officer may require the permittee to employ an approved, qualified special inspector who shall work under the jurisdiction of the code enforcement officer in inspecting construction work involving specialized knowledge and skill.
      2.   Permittees shall cooperate with the code enforcement officer in calling for inspections on those segments of the work as determined by the code enforcement officer.
      3.   No reinforcing steel or structural framework or other system work shall be covered or concealed without first obtaining the approval of the code enforcement officer.
      4.   There shall be a final inspection and approval of all buildings and systems when completed and ready for occupancy and use.
   B.   Notice To Correct: Should the code enforcement officer find that the construction or alteration for which a permit was issued is not proceeding according to the plans and specifications submitted to him, he shall give written notice to the person to whom such permit was granted or the person in charge of such construction or alteration of such finding, and of the particulars in which such plans or specifications are not being complied with, whereupon such construction or alteration shall be made to conform to said plans and specifications.
   C.   Failure To Correct; Permit Revocation: If, after such notice, the corrections are not made to make such construction or alteration conform to such plans and specifications, the code enforcement officer shall revoke the permit by a written notice to be given to the person to whom such permit was granted or to the person in charge of such construction or alteration. (1981 Code 502 § 3)