A.   Delinquent Accounts: All water and sewer bills 1 shall become due and payable by the tenth day of the month following water meter readings. If bills are not paid before the thirtieth day following the due date, they shall become delinquent and a past due notice sent. If the bill is not paid in full within ten (10) days after this notification, the water shall be shut off without further notice. Service shall not be reinstated until the past due balance is paid in full. Charges for shut off and turn on of customer accounts shall be in accordance with the rate schedule adopted by resolution of the city council. Delinquent accounts shall be processed in accordance with the billing policy adopted by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 164, 1-9-1996)
   B.   Responsibility For Service: All water and sewer rates shall be charged against the premises for which the service is installed. Provided, however, the city shall not initially deny or discontinue water service to any water consumer because of any delinquent water or sewer bill on that premises that is attributable to the prior water use of another water consumer. Property owners of record shall be billed direct and held responsible for the payment of water and sewer bills. Delinquent accounts shall become a lien upon the real property involved. (Ord. 89, 12-16-1980; amd. Ord. 116, 8-6-1985; 2008 Code)



1. See chapter 2, article A of this title for sewer user charges.