Unless the context specifically indicates otherwise, the meanings of terms used in this chapter shall be as follows:
   CITY: The city of Melba, Canyon County, Idaho, or its authorized or designated agent, representative or deputy thereto.
   CITY WATER SERVICE LINE: That portion of an individual water service line that runs from its connection with the public water main to and including the corporation stop, valve box, and meter yoke installed in the service line. It will usually be installed within the limits of the public right of way or utility easement and, after installation, it is to be owned and maintained by the city.
   MASTER WATER PLAN: Any document which the city has accepted or may accept by official action of the city council which describes or otherwise indicates an overall view of proposed future water needs, minimum water main sizing, and/or minimum water main spacing.
   MUNICIPAL WATER SYSTEM: Includes all components and facilities of the public water system that are owned, operated and maintained by the city for domestic and other uses.
   OWNER: The property owner, or his duly authorized representative such as tenant, developer, lease holder, etc., that is served by the municipal water system.
   PRIVATE FIRE SERVICE CONNECTION: A separate and independent connection from the municipal water main that connects directly to a sprinkler system or fire control device that has been, or is to be, installed in any building for the purpose of fire control within the specific building, and said connection is to be for no other purpose.
   PRIVATE WATER SERVICE LINE: The portion of the water service line that runs from a point five feet (5') outside the limits of the building being served to the point of connection with the city water service line.
   PRIVATE WATER SYSTEM: Any water system for domestic use that is not owned, operated and maintained by the city.
   PROPERTY: All property, whether privately or publicly owned, within the service limits of the municipal water system for public street or highway rights of way.
   WATER MAIN: Any pipe owned by the city for the purpose of transportation and/or distribution of water to serve more than one water service line or user. (Ord. 89, 12-16-1980)