A.   Codes Adopted:
      1.   The approved editions of the following nationally recognized codes, as adopted by the State of Idaho or the Idaho Building Code Board, are adopted as official codes of the City, together with any amendments or revisions set forth in Idaho Code section 39-4109, except as provided in subsection B of this section:
         a.   International Building Code 2015 edition, including all rules promulgated by the International Code Council to provide equivalency with the provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act accessibility guidelines and the Federal Fair Housing Act accessibility guidelines. Also to include appendix E: Supplementary Accessibility Requirements and appendix J Grading.
         b.   International Residential Code, for One and Two Family Dwellings 2012 edition, including appendix G: Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs, appendix H Patio Covers, appendix J: Existing Buildings and Structures, and appendix M: Home Day Care - R-3 Occupancy.
         c.   International Energy Conservation Code 2012 edition with State 2012 amendments for residential portion.
         d.   International Mechanical Code 2012 edition.
         e.   International Fuel Gas Code 2012 edition.
         f.   International Existing Building Code 2015 edition.
         g.   The most current Idaho Manufactured Home Installation Standard published by the State of Idaho, Division of Building Safety, manufactured housing section.
      2.   Additionally, including all appendices published by the International Code Council, being particularly the 2015 edition thereof and the whole thereof.
      3.   The adopted versions of the foregoing codes shall be deemed suspended by successive versions of such codes as they are adopted or approved by the Idaho Building Code Board effective on the date any such codes are made effective by the Idaho Building Code Board.
      4.   One copy of each of the codes adopted in subsection A1 of this section is on file in the Office of the City Clerk-Treasurer for public use and inspection.
   B.   Exemptions: Agricultural buildings are exempt from the Building Codes adopted herein but shall remain subject to placement requirements established by zoning regulations. (Ord. 258, 7-9-2018)