A.   Design of Required Off-Street Loading Spaces.
      1.   Location. All off-street loading spaces shall be located on the same lot as the building or use served. No off-street loading spaces may project into a public right-of-way. No off-street loading space may be located in a front yard.
      2.   Dimensions. All required off-street loading spaces shall be at least twelve (12) feet in width and at least thirty-five (35) feet in length, exclusive of aisle and maneuvering space, and shall have a minimum vertical clearance of at least fourteen (14) feet. 
      3.   Surfacing. Loading spaces shall be paved with a dustless all-weather material, such as concrete, asphalt/blacktop, or brick/stone pavers.
      4.   Stormwater Management. All loading spaces shall comply with the Stormwater Management Ordinance. Loading spaces drives shall not be more than six (6) inches below the base flood elevation.
   B.   Required Number of Off-Street Loading Spaces.
      1.   Off-street loading spaces shall be provided for a each use which requires the receipt or distribution of materials or merchandise by trucks or other vehicles in accordance with Table 16.64-4: Off-Street Loading Requirements. In the case of multi-tenant buildings or mixed-use developments, required loading spaces are calculated on the basis of each individual tenant (for example, if only one (1) commercial tenant of a multi-tenant building is over ten thousand (10,000) square feet, only one (1) loading space is required; if all tenants are under ten thousand (10,000) square feet, no loading is required).
      2.   In no case is a use required to provide more than five (5) loading spaces.
Commercial and Institutional Use
10,000 - 100,000sf of gross floor area
1 loading space
Each additional 100,000sf of gross floor area
1 loading space
Industrial Use
5,000 - 10,000sf of gross floor area
1 loading space
10,001 - 40,000sf of gross floor area
2 loading spaces
40,001 - 100,000sf of gross floor area
3 loading spaces
For each additional 100,000sf of gross floor area
1 loading space
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