The Zoning Enforcement Officer may vary or waive the Off-Street Bicycle Parking requirements if bicycle access to the site is determined to be impractical or unsafe.
   A.   Design.
      1.   Bicycle parking facilities shall provide racks to which the bicycle may be locked by the user, or enclosed lockers. Structures that require a user-supplied locking device shall be designed to accommodate U-shaped locking devices.
      2.   If required bicycle parking facilities are not visible from the street, signs shall be posted indicating their location.
      3.   Areas used for required bicycle parking shall be paved and drained to be reasonably free of mud, dust, and standing water, and shall be well-lit.
   B.   Location.
      1.   All required bicycle spaces shall be located on the same lot as the use served and shall be separated from motor vehicle traffic.
      2.   Required bicycle parking for multifamily dwellings may be provided in garages, storage rooms, and other resident-accessible, secure areas. Space within dwelling units or on balconies may not be counted toward satisfying bicycle parking requirements.
   C.   Required Number of Bicycle Spaces.
      1.   Where off-street parking facilities are provided, the number of bicycle parking spaces shall be provided as indicated in Table 16.64-3: Required Bicycle Spaces.
Multifamily Dwelling
1 per 10 dwelling units
Retail Goods Establishment, Personal Services Establishment, or Office Uses Over 10,000sf in GFA
1 per 15 parking spaces
Indoor or Outdoor Amusement Facility
1 per 15 parking spaces
Educational Facilities (All)
1 per 10 parking spaces
Parking Lot or Structure with 250 or More Vehicle Spaces
25 parking spaces
      2.   In all cases where bicycle parking is required, a minimum of two (2) spaces is required.
      3.   After the first fifty (50) bicycle parking spaces are provided, additional bicycle parking spaces required are one-half (½) space per unit listed.
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