Every drive-through facility and car wash shall provide a minimum of four (4) stacking spaces per bay or lane, unless otherwise required by this Ordinance. (See Figure 16.64-2: Stacking Spaces) Stacking spaces shall be:
   A.   A minimum of nine (9) feet in width, as measured from the outermost point of any service window to the edge of the driveway, and eighteen (18) feet in length.
   B.   Placed in a single line leading to the drive-through facility.
   C.   Located so that, when in use, they do not obstruct ingress or egress to the site and do not obstruct access to required parking or loading spaces.
   D.   Stacking spaces shall begin behind the vehicle parked at a last point of service, such as a service window or car wash bay.
Figure 16.64-2:  Stacking Spaces
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