§ 16.16.050  VOTING MEETINGS.
   A.   Location and Time.
      1.   The voting meeting may occur immediately following the public testimony or may be conducted at a separate location, date, and time as announced during the public hearing in accordance with § 16.16.040B.2.n. (Public Hearing Procedures).
   B.   Voting Meeting Procedures.
      1.   The procedure for voting meeting is as follows:
         a.   Call to order and purpose of voting meeting.
         b.   Reading and approval of minutes of the previous meeting as necessary.
         c.   Deliberation and voting on petitions on the agenda. No new testimony or evidence can be presented during this meeting unless requested by the Zoning Board of Appeals. The public hearing for each petition shall be deemed to be closed upon the Zoning Board of Appeals’ vote to recommend approval or denial of the petition.
         d.   Unfinished business.
         e.   New business.
         f.   Adjournment.
   C.   Written Protest. Following the vote of the Zoning Board of Appeals and the closing of the hearing, objectors may have the right to file a written protest to the County Board in accordance with Chapter 16.20 (Zoning Applications).
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