§ 8.52.110  PUBLIC RECORD.
   A.   The County Clerk or his/her designee, shall prepare and maintain the public record concerning the application, and such record shall include the following documents:
      1.   The original application and amendments filed with the Clerk;
      2.   All written comments filed with the Clerk within the time frame specified by § 8.52.100 of this Ordinance;
      3.   Notices of Participants filed with the Clerk pursuant to the Articles of Rules and Procedures;
      4.   All exhibits entered into evidence at the time of the public hearings;
      5.   All transcripts of testimony during the public hearing;
      6.   Any motions filed during the course of the public hearing;
      7.   Copies of all published or displayed notices of the public hearings which were prepared by the County or prepared by others and filed with the Clerk;
      8.   All reports/invoices submitted to the Clerk by the County’s finance department, reacted as necessary to prevent disclosure of confidential or privileged information;
      9.   All transcripts, when available, of meetings, other than the public hearings held pursuant to this Ordinance, at which a County Board Member was in attendance. Although County Board members are not encouraged to attend meetings at which the member knows the application may be discussed, due to the member’s continuing, regular legislative duties during the course of the County Board’s consideration of an application, attendance at such meetings is sometimes unavoidable (e.g. attendance at a municipality’s council or a local chamber of commerce meeting). As such, the member is required to obtain and file a transcript of any meeting, where such meeting has been transcribed or recorded, or otherwise disclose such meeting in the public records (such as disclosing it on the record during the transcribed public hearings or during the written comment period provided for in this Ordinance);
      10.   The Hearing Officer’s and County staffs written findings and recommendations to the Committee and County Board;
      11.   The written recommendation of the Committee to the County Board; and
      12.   The Resolution containing the final decision of the County Board on the application.
   B.   The Clerk or his/her designee shall, during the regular business hours of the Clerk’s office, make the public record available to any person requesting to review it.
   C.   The Clerk or his/her designee shall, during the regular business hours of the Clerk’s office, accept requests from persons for copies of the public record, in whole or in part, and arrange for copying so requested upon the requesting person’s payment of the actual cost of copying. The Clerk shall respond to copying requests within a reasonable time.
   D.   Although late filed public comments are not part of the public record pursuant to this Ordinance, they shall be retained by the Clerk with any evidence of the date of filing, such as the Clerk’s date stamped copy of the written comment if submitted in person, or the postmark if the written comment was mailed.
(Ord. O-200411-12-134, passed 11-16-2004)