§ 8.52.100  PUBLIC COMMENT.
   Any person may file written comment with the County concerning the appropriateness of the proposed site for its intended purpose or its compliance with the requirements of § 39.2 of the Act.
   A.   Said written comments shall be sent or delivered to the Office of the McHenry County Clerk, 2200 N. Seminary Avenue, Woodstock, IL 60098 within the time frames provided by § 39.2 of the Act. Upon receipt of any written comment, the Clerk shall date stamp the comment and shall file the written comment and the postmarked envelope in which the comment was received. These comments shall become a part of the record of the proceeding of the Committee.
   B.   Copies of such written comments shall be made available for public inspection in the offices of the Clerk, and members of the public shall be allowed to obtain a copy of any written comment upon payment of actual cost of reproduction.
   C.   Any written comment received by the Clerk or postmarked not later than thirty (30) calendar days after the date of the last public hearing shall be made part of the record and the County Board shall consider any such timely written comments in making its final determination concerning said application. In the event that the thirtieth day falls on a Sunday or a Federal Holiday, the next day on which mail is delivered shall be considered the thirtieth day for the purpose of this subsection.
(Ord. O-200411-12-134, passed 11-16-2004)