§ 8.24.010  EXEMPTIONS.
   The following persons or entities shall not be subject to this Ordinance:
   A.   A person or company that transports its own personal or business discarded materials produced by said person or business;
   B.   A civic, community, benevolent or charitable nonprofit organization that collects, transports and markets recyclable materials solely for the purpose of raising funds for a civic, community, benevolent or charitable organization;
   C.   Demolition or construction contractors or landscaping companies that produce and transport discarded materials in the course of such occupations, where the discarded materials produced are merely incidental to the particular demolition, construction, or landscaping work being performed by such companies;
   D.   Companies that solely transport liquid wastes including sewage, sewage sludge, or septage; discarded or abandoned vehicles or parts thereof; discarded home or industrial appliances; materials used as fertilizers or for other productive purposes; household hazardous wastes; special wastes; and hazardous materials as defined in the rules and regulations adopted by the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act; and
   E.   Any city, village, town or township which collects and transports discarded materials.
(Ord. O-200106-10-41, passed 6-19-2001; Ord. O-200309-10-090, passed 9-2-2003; Ord. O-201411-51-046, § 101, passed 11-18-2014)