§ 73.01 ADOPTION.
   (A)   The Standards of Safety, and all codes, incorporated therein, as promulgated in 815 KAR 10:015 by the Commissioner of Housing, Buildings and Construction, Commonwealth of Kentucky, hereby adopted in full as an ordinance of the county as if set out at length herein.
   (B)   A copy of said Standards of Safety together with a copy of each Standard or pamphlet adopted thereunder, is on file in the office of the County Court Clerk, and the Clerk shall at all times keep a copy of said Standards of Safety for reference.
   (C)   An attested copy of this section shall be transmitted to the office of the State Fire Marshal, Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction of the commonwealth.
   (D)   Such persons appointed by the County Judge/Executive, with the approval of the Fiscal Court, shall be the designated local enforcement agent or agents for said Standards of Safety.
(Ord. 340.0, passed 7-12-1979)