No person conducting a public dance or public dance hall, or any agent or employee of such person, shall:
   (a)   Permit any known prostitute, male or female procurer or vagrant to be present at any public dance or public dance hall;
   (b)   Permit on the public dance hall premises any person having in his or her possession, being under the influence of, selling or offering for sale, giving away or drinking, any intoxicating liquors or drugs;
   (c)   Permit idlers, loiterers or other hangers-on to be on or about the dance hall premises;
   (d)   Permit smoking, except in rooms reserved for smoking or in a restaurant or dining room when seated at a table;
   (e)   Permit gambling in any form on the premises;
   (f)   Permit men to enter the ladies' room or parlor;
   (g)   Permit persons to indulge in dancing that is vulgar, suggestive or immoral;
   (h)   Permit moonlight dances unless there is sufficient light in the dance hall so that patrons can be easily seen;
   (i)   Permit or employ any instructor under the age of twenty-one years to give instructions in dancing to persons of the opposite sex;
   (j)   Discriminate between sexes by offering free admission to either sex as inducement to stimulate attendance;
   (k)   Permit endurance dancing contests commonly known as marathon dances; or
   (l)   Permit dancing in restaurants with persons seated at different tables.
(Ord. 1993-4.  Passed 1-25-93.)