(a)   There is hereby established in and for the City an Architectural Board of Review. The Board shall consist of three members appointed by the Mayor for the following terms: one for a term expiring December 31, 1971; one for a term expiring December 31, 1972; and one for a term expiring December 31, 1973. Subsequent appointments shall be for terms of three years each. This Board shall also serve as the Residential Board of Building Appeals as set forth in the Residential Code of Ohio.
   (b)   Vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired terms in the same manner as original appointments. Any member of the Board shall be subject to removal by the Mayor. An alternate member of the Board may be appointed by the Mayor for a one-year term, expiring on December 31, 1972, and on December 31 of each year thereafter. Such alternate member shall possess all the qualifications of the regular members and have the same powers, perform the same duties and receive the same compensation as the regular members when called to serve at any meeting of the Board.
(Ord. 1971-31.  Passed 11-22-71; Ord. 2006-38.  Passed 11-13-06.)