(a)     Should the nuisance referred to in Section 1345.04 not be abated within the time stated in the notice given pursuant to such section, the Zoning Administrator or his authorized representative(s) shall have the right to enter upon the premises and to abate such nuisance. In abating any nuisance the Zoning Administrator may take such action as is necessary to complete the abatement of the same and should it be practicable to sell or salvage any material resulting from such abatement, he may cause the same to be sold at a public or private sale at the best price obtainable and keep an account of the proceeds thereof. Such proceeds shall be deposited in the General Fund of the City and if any difference in the amount so received is less than the cost of the abatement, it shall be reported to Council, which shall levy an assessment against the premises upon which such nuisance was abated and cause such assessment to be certified and collected as other assessments by the City.
   (b)     Should the proceeds of the sale of any material salvaged in the course of such abatement exceed the cost thereof, the amount of such excess shall be paid to the owner of the premises upon filing a claim thereof and proof of title and right to such surplus.
   (c)     The Zoning Administrator, in conjunction with the City Administrator, may utilize any labor or equipment of the City in making such abatement or may contract for the abatement thereof with a qualified private contractor.
(Ord. 106-2020.  Passed 9-21-20.)