(a)     All hearings requested pursuant to the provisions of Section 1345.05 shall be conducted before a Hearing Board (which shall be known as the Nuisance Abatement Board) comprised of the City Administrator (or designee) and the current Chairpersons (or designee) of the Municipal Planning Commission,  and the Design Review Board. The Board may affirm, reverse, or modify the finding of a public nuisance and the issuance of the abatement order by the Zoning Administrator by a majority vote.  The attendance of all three members, or their designee, is required to constitute a quorum.
   (b)     A decision shall be rendered at the conclusion of the hearing and signed by the members of the board.  The appellant will be provided a copy of the signed decision. The decision of the Nuisance Abatement Board shall be final and conclusive, unless an appeal is filed in a court of competent jurisdiction within seven days of the date of the delivery of the decision.
   (c)     All hearings held by the Nuisance Abatement Board shall be administrative in nature. At all hearings conducted pursuant to this section, any party may be represented by legal counsel. The rules of evidence utilized by the courts shall not be applicable in hearings before the Board. 
(Ord. 106-2020.  Passed 9-21-20.)