(a)     Whenever a complaint is made or visual inspection discloses to the Zoning Administrator of the existence of a public nuisance as defined in Section 1345.01, the Zoning Administrator shall promptly inspect or cause to be inspected the premises on which it is alleged such public nuisance exists. Should the Zoning Administrator, after such inspection, find that a public nuisance does exist, the Chief Building Official and, if the condition is within the prohibitions of Section 1345.01 (e), the Fire Chief shall be promptly notified, and such officials shall be requested to make inspection thereof.
   (b)     Upon receipt of such notice, the Chief Building Official and the Fire Chief (if required) shall inspect the premises and make a written report of their findings, which together with the report of the Zoning Administrator shall be filed with the City Administrator.
   (c)     Should the Zoning Administrator, the Chief Building Official, and the Fire Chief (if required)find that a public nuisance exists and that the nature thereof is such as to require its summary abatement , abatement of such nuisance shall proceed in accordance with the provisions of Sections 1345.03 and 1345.04.
(Ord. 106-2020.  Passed 9-21-20.)