The C-2 General Commercial District is designed to accommodate a variety of business uses including highway oriented uses and other uses that serve the total community.  This district is mapped along major traffic routes and in sections of the City near the C-3 Uptown Commercial District.
   (a)   Permitted Uses.  Within the C-2 General Commercial District, a structure or premises shall be erected or used only for the following purposes:
      (1)   Any use permitted in the C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District.
      (2)   Arcade.
      (3)   Automobile repair garages.   
      (4)   Automotive Sales and Service (light).
      (5)   Bars and taverns.
      (6)   Funeral homes.
      (7)   Hotels and Inns.
      (8)   Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. Except in C-M.
      (9)   Massage studios.
      (10)   Meeting halls.
      (11)   Motels, motor inns, and motor courts.
      (12)   Motel or Hotel offering extended-stay lodging.
      (13)   Night Clubs.
      (14)   Office and showroom of building and home repair contractors.
      (15)   Public structures not otherwise defined and regulated by this code or parking areas erected, leased or used by any department of a municipal, county, state or federal government.
      (16)   Recreational indoor commercial facilities.
      (17)   Public or private clubs, including golf courses and country clubs, swimming pools, racquet courts, yacht clubs and accessory uses. Also driving ranges, miniature golf courses, pitch and putt courses operated for commercial purposes.  No on site storage or maintenance of boats will be permitted.
      (18)   Recreational outdoor commercial facilities
      (19)   Restaurants, with or without drive-in and/or drive-thru service.
      (20)   Retail centers, sales establishments, and service establishments.
      (21)   Sales and service of motor vehicles (light).   
      (22)   Hospital.
      (23)   Car Wash.
      (24)   Schools:  primary, intermediate and secondary; both public and private including Educational institutions.
      (25)   Theaters, Cinemas, and Similar Places of Amusement.
      (26)   Wholesale sales and display of merchandise, provided merchandise is stored elsewhere.
      (27)   Accessory structures and uses.
   (b)   Conditional Uses.   Refer to Chapter 1134 (Conditional Use Regulations) for the process of obtaining a conditional use permit.  The following conditional uses may be approved, provided they meet the general standards found in Section 1134.03 (General Standards for Conditional Uses) and any listed specific conditions in Section 1134.08 (Supplemental Requirements for Specified Conditional Uses):
      (1)       Automobile service stations - fuel and service, with or without car washes.
      (2)   Automobile service stations - fuel, service and convenience with or without car washes.
      (3)       Bus shelters.
      (4)       Electric and telephone towers.
      (5)       Gas regulator and meter stations.
      (6)       Kiosk in a large-scale retail center only, or used or operated by an occupant of the principal structure, or on a lot as an extension of the permitted principal use.
      (7)       Mini-warehouses.
      (8)       Nightclub.
      (9)     Parking Areas:  Extension of parking into contiguous zoning district parking areas.
      (10)    Parking Areas:  Joint use of an off-street parking area.
      (11)    Public utility control facilities or structures.
      (12)    Sales and storage yards for building materials.
      (13)     Sales, rentals and storage of machinery and heavy equipment, subject to Section 1125.08(g).
      (14)   Storage of goods or materials in an outdoor area, not otherwise permitted.
      (15)    Towers and transmitting equipment for radio and television substations.
      (16)    Vending machines in an outdoor location.
      (17)    Sweepstake terminal café.
      (18)   Place of Religious Worship
      (19)   Dwellings above the first floor
   (c)   Lot Size and Yard Area Requirements.  Minimum lot size and yard area requirements as set forth in Section 1125.14 shall apply to all structures hereafter erected, relocated, reconstructed or structurally altered within the C-2 General Commercial District.
   (d)   Minimum and Maximum Floor Area Requirements and Bulk Regulations.  Minimum floor area requirements and bulk regulations as set forth in Section 1125.14 shall apply to all structures hereafter erected, relocated, reconstructed or structurally altered within the C-2 General Commercial District.
   (e)   Off-Street Parking, Loading and Storage Regulations. Off-street parking, loading and storage regulations as set forth in Chapter 1141 shall apply to all uses established within the C-2 General Commercial District.
   (f)   Signs Permitted.  Signs shall be permitted in the C-2 General Commercial District in accordance with Chapter 1143.
   (g)   Performance Standards.  All property in this district is subject to the general standards and regulations of this chapter and to the following additional standards:
      (1)   Except as specifically provided in this section, no outdoor storage and/or sale of goods or display of merchandise is permitted, except for fresh produce or living plant material or sales of daily newspapers.
      (2)   The outdoor storage of vehicles offered for sale on the premises is permitted in light automotive sales and service establishments.  The outdoor storage of dismantled or junked vehicles is not permitted at such establishments.  Outdoor storage of parts, materials or damaged stock is permitted, but shall be opaquely screened by solid fencing and landscaping.  No outdoor storage of any type is permitted within a required yard.
      (3)   Automobile service stations and automobile repair garages shall not provide for any outdoor storage of parts, materials, or damaged vehicles unless screened by fencing and landscaping.  Such storage shall not be conducted within a required yard.  No dismantled or junked vehicles shall be stored on the premises.
      (4)   All activities of offices and showrooms of building and home repair contractors shall be conducted within an enclosed building and no outdoor storage of supplies and equipment shall be permitted.  No more than fifty percent of the gross floor area may be used for processing and fabricating.
      (5)   Any manufacturing, assembling, packaging or distribution of products used,  constructed, established, altered or enlarged in the C-2 District after the effective date of this chapter shall be operated so as to comply with the following standards.  No use already established on the effective date of this chapter shall be altered or modified so as to conflict with, or further conflict with, the applicable standards established hereinafter for the C-2 District:
         A.   All operations, servicing and processing shall be conducted within completely enclosed structures, except for off-street parking of passenger motor vehicles.
         B.   All storage or equipment display shall be within completely enclosed structures or opaquely screened by a solid wall or solid fence and landscaping, with solid entrance and exit gates, not less than six (6) feet in height.
         C.   No emission of toxic or noxious matter, which is injurious to human health, comfort or enjoyment of life and property or to animals or plant life, shall be permitted.  Where such emissions could be produced as a result of accident or equipment malfunction, adequate safeguards considered suitable for safe operation in the industry involved shall be taken.
         D.   The emission, from all sources within any zoning lot, of smoke or other air pollutants is subject to the standards and regulations of the City air pollution ordinances.  Dust and other types of air pollution borne by the wind from such sources as storage areas, yards and roads within the boundaries of any lot shall be kept to a minimum by appropriate landscaping, paving, oiling or other acceptable means.
         E.   The emission of odors or odor-causing substances which can be detected without the use of instruments at or beyond the lot lines is prohibited.
         F.   Vibrations, which can be detected without the use of instruments at or beyond the lot lines, are prohibited.
      (6)   Medical Marijuana Dispensaries shall comply with 3796 of the Ohio Revised Code and Part Seven of the Maumee Codified Ordinances.
         (Ord.  113-2020.  Passed 12-21-20.)