Detached frame garages, utility sheds and pole barns which are larger than 100 square feet in area but less than 399 square feet shall meet the following requirements:
   (a)    Such buildings shall be built upon a concrete slab containing acceptable wire mesh and shall be provided with a foundation extending at least twelve inches below grade (ratwall) around the entire perimeter of the slab. If wire mesh is not used, the minimum footer depth shall be eighteen inches below finished grade.
   (b)    One-half inch anchor bolts shall be provided, spaced not to exceed six feet and embedded in the concrete not less than seven inches. In the case of a masonry wall, the bolts shall extend at least seven inches into the course of block. Concrete nails are not acceptable.
   (c)    In garages built upon a concrete slab as provided in subsection (a)(1) hereof, the sill plates shall be protected from dampness.
   (d)    In garages of frame construction, each wall shall be braced equivalent to at least one piece of one by four continuous diagonal brace, let into the studs.
   (e)    For a doorway in a gable end, the header, for spans in up to ten feet, shall be equivalent in strength to two, two by sixes on edge. Where the doorway is in a bearing wall, headers equivalent to double two by twelve shall be used for a span up to twelve feet. Openings greater than twelve feet in a bearing wall shall require an engineered, designed header.
   (f)    All rafters, collar ties, ridge boards, etc., shall be designed in accordance with the design tables and criteria as outlined in the 2013 Residential Code of Ohio.
      (Ord. 216-2012.  Passed 12-17-12.)