(a)   Appointment. There is hereby established a Board of Control which shall consist of eleven members, three being inspection staff and eight being residents or business owners within the City in the required field as follows: One shall be the Building and Zoning Inspector; one shall be the Electrical Inspector; one shall be the Plumbing Inspector; and eight shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the majority of Council.  Each of the appointed members shall serve for a term of three years.  A vacancy occurring during the terms shall be filled for the unexpired term as set forth above.  All terms shall expire on December 31.  Of the eight members appointed by the Mayor, two shall be licensed electrical installers, two shall be licensed plumbing installers, two shall be licensed heating/air conditioning installers, and two shall be general building contractors.
   (b)   Quorum.  Six members of the Board of Control shall constitute a quorum provided that at least four shall be members appointed as set forth above.
   (c)   Duties.  The Board of Control shall prepare examinations for and hold and conduct examinations of all applicants for registration or certification in the trades set forth above.  The Board shall establish rules and regulations for its procedure not inconsistent with the provisions of this Building Code.
   (d)   Records.  The Board of Control shall make a detailed record of all of its proceedings which shall set forth the reasons for its decision, the vote of each member participating therein, the absence of a member and any failure of a member to vote.  All records shall be kept in the office of the Building Official and shall be open for public inspection at all reasonable times.
   (e)   A person aggrieved by a decision of the Board of Control, whether previously a party to the proceeding or not, or a Municipal officer of the Board, may within fifteen days after the filing of such decision in the office of the Building Official, apply to the appropriate court for relief in accordance with the laws of the State.
(Ord. 8-2010.  Passed  2-1-10.)