1305.11  EXEMPTIONS.
   (a)   The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to municipalities, public institutions and industrial plants which maintain a department for the maintenance, repair or alteration of electrical, plumbing, warm air heating and air conditioning or refrigeration installations as defined in this chapter, in or about the premises used for the conducting of their business.
   (b)   The owner of a single or one family dwelling need not be licensed or registered nor hold a certificate personally to perform work upon the premises occupied or to be occupied by the owner thereof as such owner's established residence.
   (c)   A person shall be deemed to be certified and exempt from the examination requirements of this chapter if:
      (1)   Such person is and continues to be, certified by the building inspection division of a political subdivision of the State;
      (2)   Such building inspection division is and continues to be, certified by the Board of Building Standards of the State; and
      (3)   The testing procedure and content of tests of such building inspection division are compatible with those of the City of Maumee, as determined by the Building Official.
   (d)   Provided further, however, that all work shall be done in conformity with the provisions of this chapter and no work shall be done unless all other permits, inspections and approvals required by this chapter are secured.
(Ord. 138-1983.  Passed 10-17-83.)