(a)   Expiration.  All certificates shall expire at the close of December 31 of each year, but may be renewed for the next succeeding year by the payment of the annual renewal fee on or before such date.
   (b)   Renewal After Expiration.  All certificates not renewed by December 31 shall pay a renewal fee the same as an original application up to and including March 31 following the date of expiration.
   (c)   Re-examination.  A person holding a certificate of qualification under the provisions of this chapter, who fails to procure a renewal of such certificate on or before March 31 next following the date of expiration of the certificate shall be considered as a new applicant and before receiving a new certificate, shall be required to meet all the requirements of a new applicant, including the passing of an examination and payment of the original registration fee.
   (d)   Application for Renewal.  Application for certificate renewal shall be made on a form furnished by the Building Official for this purpose.