(a)   Scope.  Applicants shall be examined by the Division of Inspection to determine their knowledge, ability and qualifications to engage in or work at the trade for which they have made an application.  The respective Board of Control shall formulate the questions to be used by the Division of Inspection in preparing the examination.
   The applicant, upon approval of the Board to take the examination, shall be assigned a number.  All tests shall be sealed in an envelope with a number.  An applicant's records shall be attached to a numbered test.  These records and numbered test shall be kept by the Chief Enforcement Official until the day of the examination.
   The examination shall be held in the presence of the Chief Enforcement Official or his designated representative and/or monitor.  The Chief Enforcement Official or his representative shall receive from the applicant his completed examination papers sealed in his numbered envelope along with his records and this envelope shall remain sealed until the examination paper is graded in the presence of the Chief Enforcement Official and one other member of the Board of the respective trade or his delegated alternate.
   (b)   Records.  Examination shall be in writing and the examination results shall be kept in the office of the Chief Enforcement Officer.  Records shall include resume, graded tests, grades received and type of examination and any other pertinent material or information.
   (c)   Time and Date of Examination.  Examinations shall be held on a day designated by the Chief Enforcement Official within the first whole week of March and the first whole week in September.
   In the case of an emergency, the Board may allow testing in the months of June and December.  The Chief Enforcement Official shall establish the day and time of testing within the first whole week of either month.
   (d)   Failure to Pass.  Each part of the examination shall be separately rated.  The final score for the total examination shall be rated on a scale from 100 to 70 with 70 as the required minimum rating.  Where qualifying tests are given, they may be rated separately and only those who obtain a passing mark may be permitted to enter the remaining parts of the examination.
   An applicant who fails to obtain a grade of seventy percent (70%) or more on the prescribed examination may be re-examined after a period of six months has elapsed upon submitting a new application and fee as required for new applicants.