(a)    "Certificate of qualifications" means a license which authorizes a person, by reason of qualification through examination and payment of fees, to install and/or supervise work in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (b)    "Certificate of shop registrations" means a license authorizing a person, firm, or corporation through registration and payment of fees, to engage in the business of operating a shop as defined in this chapter.
   (c)    "Shop" means:
(1)    A place of business established, equipped, maintained and operated by an individual, firm, or corporations for the purpose of engaging in and carrying on the work or trade for which they have obtained a certificate of shop registrations.
(2)    A shop, as defined in subsection (c)(1) hereof, shall have as one of its principals, a person qualified in the trade, through examination as provided for in this chapter. A holder of a certificate of qualification cannot operate out of more than one shop as defined in subsection (c)(1) hereof.
(3)    In the event that the business association with, or employment of, the holder of a certificate of qualification, by the shop, shall terminate, such shop shall become null and void ten days after such termination except where another person is designated as the holder of a certificate of qualification and a new certificate of shop registration is obtained.
(4)    Every holder of a certificate of shop registration shall keep his, their, or its certificate displayed in a conspicuous place in his, their, or its principal place of business. 
   (Ord. 188-1996. Passed 11-18-96.)