(a)   No change of occupancy or use shall be made in a building hereafter erected or altered that is not consistent with the last issued certificate of occupancy for such building, unless a permit is secured.  In case of an existing building, no change of occupancy that would bring it under a special provision of this Building Code shall be made, unless the Building Official finds, upon inspection, that such building conforms substantially to the provisions of law with respect to the proposed new occupancy and use, and issues a certificate of occupancy therefor.
   (b)   The use of a building or premises shall not be deemed to have changed because of a temporary vacancy or change of ownership or tenancy, provided, however, that with respect to commercial or industrial establishments upon termination of the temporary vacancy or upon the change of ownership or tenancy, a certificate of occupancy permit shall be obtained.  Such certificate of occupancy shall be deemed a special inspection and the fee for the special inspection shall be as provided by ordinance of Council.  The re-establishment in a building, after a change of occupancy has been made, of a prior use that would not have been permitted in a new building of the same type of construction is prohibited.  The change from a specifically prohibited use to another specifically prohibited use shall not be made.
(Ord. 146-1976.  Passed 11-1-76.)