In measuring sound the following methods shall be used:
   (a)   A B & K Precision Sound Level Meter Type 2205 or equivalent shall be used to measure sound pressure dB(A).
   (b)   Points of measurement for stationary noise sources shall be on lot lines of the property on which the noise source is located. Points of measurement for traffic noise shall be on right-of-way lines of the public right of way or on lines of private property on which the motor vehicle or vehicles are operating or at a distance of fifty feet from the noise source, whichever is greater.
   (c)   For stationary noise sources, sounds shall be measured at no less than eight point on lot lines, the location of which shall be determined by the Building Inspector.
   (d)   For traffic noise sources, sounds shall be measured at a single point with not less than three readings from that point.
   (e)   Sounds of short duration, as from forge hammers, punch presses and metal shears, shall be measured with an impact noise filter that conforms to specifications published by the American Standards Association, in order to determine peak value of the impact.
      (1964 Code Sec. 99.04)