The following sections of Article 80 of the 2008 edition of the NEC® are hereby changed or supplemented by local amendment.
   (A)   80.9. Application.
      (A)   New Installations. This Code applies to new installations. Buildings with construction permits dated after the effective date of this Code shall comply with its requirements.
      (B)   Existing Installations. Existing electrical installations that do not comply with the provisions of this Code shall be permitted to continue in use unless the Electrical Inspector determines that the lack of conformity with this Code presents an imminent danger to occupants. Where changes are required for correction of hazards, a reasonable amount of time shall be given for compliance, depending on the degree of the hazard.
      (C)   Additions, Alterations or Repairs. Additions, alterations or repairs to any building, structure or premises shall conform to that required of a new building without requiring the existing building to comply with all the requirements of this Code. Additions, alternations, installations or repairs shall not cause an existing building to become unsafe or to adversely affect the performance of the building as determined by the Electrical Inspector. Electrical wiring added to any existing service, feeder or branch circuit shall not result in an installation that violates the provisions of the Code in force at the time the additions are made.
      (D)   Policy Regarding Existing Installations. Strict enforcement of updated versions of national codes could make continued use or reuse of existing buildings and structures technically unfeasible or impose disproportionate costs due to characteristics that may not be in compliance with updated versions of the national codes. The various national codes occasionally grant interpretative latitude and administrative discretion to the officials responsible for code enforcement. It is the policy of the City Council to encourage the continued use or reuse of existing buildings and structures throughout the City of Mattoon. The provisions of updated versions of national building, electrical and fire codes relating to the repair, alteration, restoration and change of occupancy shall not be mandatory for existing structures where such structures are judged to not constitute a distinct life safety hazard. Where the building code, electrical code, fire code and other development codes grant discretion and judgment in approving alternative materials, alternative structural or dimensional design features, alternative construction and/or operational features, officials responsible for code enforcement are directed to employ discretion and judgment in the most liberal manner possible provided public safety is not endangered thereby.
      (E)   Appeals. A person, who perceives he has been adversely affected by determinations of the Electrical Inspector regarding imminent dangers, unsafe conditions, electrical system performance or compliance time may appeal to the Electrical Board. The Electrical Board may sustain, modify or reverse determinations of the Electrical Inspector pursuant to the foregoing policy and procedures provided at 80.15 (G) of this Article.
   (B)   80.13(13).  Whenever any installation subject to inspection prior to use is covered or concealed without having first been inspected, the authority having jurisdiction shall be permitted to require that such work be exposed for inspection. The authority having jurisdiction shall be notified when the installation is ready for inspection and shall conduct the inspection within 2 business days.
   (C)   80.15(A). Creation of the Electrical Board.  There is hereby created the Electrical Board of the City of Mattoon, hereinafter designated as the Board, consisting of six (6) members, as follows: The Chief Electrical Inspector of the City in an advisory capacity; a registered professional or Electrical engineer; an electrical contractor licensed within the City of Mattoon; Journeyman Wireman or equivalent as recognized by the Dept. Of Labor; current or acting Mattoon Fire Chief; and a representative of an electric supply utility serving the City of Mattoon.
   (D)   80.15(C). Terms.  Members shall be appointed by the Mayor, by and with the advice and consent of the Council. Each appointment shall be for a term of 4 years or until a successor is appointed. The Chair of the Board shall be appointed for a term not to exceed 2 years.
   (E)   80.15(D). Compensation.  Each appointed member of the Board shall serve without compensation. Subject to the prior approval of the Mayor, a member of the Board may be reimbursed for direct lodging, travel and meal expenses as covered by policies and procedures established by the City Council.
   (F)   80.17(F)(3).  When any portion of the electrical installation within the jurisdiction of an Electrical Inspector is to be hidden from view by the permanent placement of parts of the building, the person, firm, or corporation installing the equipment shall notify the Electrical Inspector, and such equipment shall not be concealed until it has been approved by the Electrical Inspector or until 2 business days have elapsed from the time of such notification, provided that on large installations, where the concealment of equipment proceeds continuously, the person, firm, or corporation installing the equipment shall give the Electrical Inspector due notice in advance, and inspections shall be made periodically during the progress of the work.
   (G)   80.19(E). Fees.  An applicant for an electrical permit shall pay fees before the permit is issued. The schedule of fees shall be found in section § 35.01(E)(2) of the City of Mattoon Code of Ordinances.
   (H)   80.21. Plans review.  Review of plans and specifications shall conform to 80.21(A) through (C), and (1) through (2).
      (1)   All “commercial installations” or above as determined by Section 334.10 of this ordinance shall be required to submit comprehensive electrical plans. These plans must include panel schedules and load calculations to determine service sizing.
      (2)   All “residential installations” as determined by section 334.10 of this ordinance which planned service size exceeds 400 Amperes shall be held to the same standards as (1) above.
   (I)   80.23 Penalties.  Any person who fails to comply with the provisions of this Code or who fails to carry out an order made pursuant to this Code or violates any condition attached to a permit, approval or certificate shall be subject to penalties established at § 10.99 of the City of Mattoon Code of Ordinances.
   (J)   80.25(C). Notification.  If, within 2 business days, after the Electrical Inspector is notified of the completion of an installation of electric equipment, other than a temporary approval installation, the Electrical Inspector has neither authorized connection nor disapproved the installation, the supplier of electricity is authorized to make connections and supply electricity to such installation.
   (K)   80.27 Appointment, qualifications and experience of Electrical Inspector.
      (A)   Appointment. The Community Development Coordinator with the advice of the Electrical Board and consent of the City Council shall appoint the Electrical Inspector and an Interim Electrical Inspector, who serves in the absence of the Electrical Inspector. The Public Works Director and the Electrical Board evaluate the performance of the Electrical Inspectors. A person appointed to an Electrical Inspector position shall be nominated solely on the basis of his or her qualifications and experience consistent with a job description adopted by the City Council.
      (B)   Experience. A person appointed to an electrical inspector position must demonstrate the following experience:
         (1)   Have a demonstrated knowledge of the standard materials and methods used in the installation of electric equipment.
         (2)   Be well versed in the approved methods of construction for safety to persons and property.
         (3)   Have a demonstrated knowledge of the statutes of the Illinois relating to electrical work and the National Electrical Code.
         (4)   Have had at least 3 years’ experience as an Electrical Inspector or 5 years in the installation of electrical equipment. In lieu of such experience, the applicant shall be a graduate in electrical engineering or of a similar curriculum of a college or university considered by the Board as having suitable requirements for graduation and shall have had two years’ practical electrical experience.
      (C)   Certificate. A nationally recognized inspector certification program accepted by the Board shall certify the Electrical Inspector within 6 months of appointment. The certification program shall specifically qualify the inspector in electrical inspections. No person shall be employed as an Electrical Inspector unless that person is the holder of an Electrical Inspector’s certificate of qualification issued by the Board. A person appointed on an interim basis during the absence of the Electrical Inspector or the person serving as the Electrical Inspector on the date this ordinance goes into effect shall be issued a special certificate permitting him or her to continue to serve as the Electrical Inspector in the City of Mattoon.
      (D)   Recertification. Electrical inspectors shall be recertified as established by the provisions of the applicable certification program.
      (E)   Revocation and Suspension of Authority. The Community Development Coordinator with the consent of the Electrical Board shall have the authority to revoke an inspector’s authority to conduct inspections within the City of Mattoon.
   (L)   80.29. Liability for damages.  Article 80 shall not be construed to affect the responsibility or liability of any party owning, designing, operating, controlling or installing any electric equipment for damages to persons or property caused by a defect therein, nor shall the City of Mattoon or any of its officers or employees be held as assuming any such liability by reason of the inspection, re-inspection or other examination authorized.
   (M)   80.35. Effective date. Article 80 shall take effect after 30 days after its passage and publication.
(Ord. 2013-5362, passed 4-2-2013 Am. Ord. 2016- 5391, passed 12-20-2016)