(A)   Improvements. All improvements relating to streets, drainage and sewerage (except sidewalks) to be paid wholly or in part by special assessment or special taxation shall be under the provisions of Ch. 65, Act 5, §§ 9-1-1 et seq.
   (B)   Board to originate plans. It shall be the duty of the Board of Local Improvements to originate all plans for local improvements in the city and to recommend to the Council the adoption of ordinances for the construction of said improvements.
   (C)   Engineer. The Board of Local Improvements shall employ, with the approval of the Council, some competent civil engineer or engineers in connection with each local improvement to be constructed in the city.  Such  engineer shall  be a qualified civil engineer being a graduate of some recognized school of civil engineering, requiring at least two years of training or shall have had four years of practical experience as a civil engineer.
   (D)   Attorney. The Board of Local Improvements, with the consent of the Council, may employ any competent and duly licensed attorney, resident of the city, as attorney for the Board of Local Improvements to act and perform all the legal duties required in connection with the construction of local improvements, such attorney to be paid such compensation as may be provided by ordinance.
   (E)   Maintenance bond. Any person to whom shall be awarded a contract for the construction of any pavement, sewer or other public improvement for the city shall be required to enter into a bond in a sum equal to 20% of the amount of such contract, and in no event for less than $1000, with sureties to be approved by the City Clerk, which bond shall provide that each person shall well and faithfully perform and execute said work in all respects according to the complete and detailed specifications and full and complete drawings, profiles and models therefor, and according to the time, terms and conditions of the contract, and that such person shall promptly replace, repair and make good any and all imperfections and defects which may become apparent within two years from the acceptance of said work by the city or the Board of Local Improvements and which imperfections and defects are due to the negligence of said person, or to the use of defective materials, or due in any way to a non-compliance on the part of each person or his agents, with the ordinance, maps, plats, plane, profiles, specifications and contract providing for said improvement. The bond shall be secured by a responsible surety company, or two responsible individuals who are property owners, in addition to the principal. Such bond shall be approved by the City Council. The bond shall be in the form prescribed by the city.
('68 Code, § 2.38)