§ 135.04  OBSCENITY.
   (A)   No person shall bring within the limits of the city, for the purpose of sale or exhibition, or shall sell or offer to sell, or shall give away, or offer to give away, or shall in any manner exhibit, or shall make, draw, print or publish any obscene, indecent or scandalous book, pamphlet, newspaper, journal, print, publication, paper, or writing of any kind, or any obscene, indecent or lewd picture, drawing, engraving, card, photograph, model, cast or instrument, or any article of indecent or immoral use, or shall keep or have in his possession within the city any of the obscene or indecent articles or things with or without intent  to  sell  or  dispose  of  the  same.
('68 Code, § 42.30)
   (B)   No person shall, in any place open to public view, write, mark, draw, cut or make any obscene or indecent word, sentence, design or figure.
('68 Code, § 42.31)  Penalty, see § 10.99