(A)   A no-charge permit must be obtained from the Public Works Office to make any changes to trees on city owned property. The permit will be approved, altered, or denied by the Public Works Director or his/her designee within five working days.
   (B)   Activities requiring a permit include:
      (1)   The planting on public property within the city an approved tree or other plant from the city tree list located in the tree care manual. The size and species must be also approved;
      (2)   The trimming at a height greater than ten feet above the ground or greater than two inches in diameter of a tree on public property within the city;
      (3)   The removal of any tree or other plant on public property within the city.
   (C)   Exemptions from permits in time of emergencies. Personnel employed by the city, county, state, or public utility, are hereby exempt from the permit requirements in the event that work otherwise requiring a permit needs to be accomplished to meet a bona fide emergency.
   (D)   A permit will not be required for the removal of limbs or branches that obstruct normal passage on city sidewalks or roadways. A maximum clearance height of ten feet above a sidewalk and 13 feet above a roadway is allowed without a permit.
(Ord. 2006-5216, passed 4-4-2006)