(A)   Permit. Before erecting any sign or canopy which shall extend out over any sidewalk, application must first be made to the City Clerk. The application shall be in writing and be accompanied by a sketch of the proposed canopy together with the description of its side and the materials to be used. All materials used in the construction shall meet the requirements and specifications of the American Society for Testing Materials, and all methods of construction and erection and methods of design of said structure shall be in accordance with standard practices and methods heretofore approved and recommended by the American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.
   (B)   Over street. No permit shall be granted to erect a sign or canopy over any street or alley and in no event shall any canopy extend out over the curb line of any street.
   (C)   Design. All designs, whether made by an architect, a structural engineer or by the contractor for the structure, shall first be submitted to a registered structural engineer for his approval. The structural engineer shall be selected and designated by the Council but his fee shall be paid by the owner of the proposed structure. The structural engineer shall:
      (1)   Make an examination of the building to determine whether the building can safely withstand the additional loading or stresses imposed by the new structure;
      (2)   Check all stress diagrams and other drawings submitted by the owner and ascertain if such design is in accordance with standard practices;
      (3)   Make a final examination of the completed structure and issue a certificate to the owner and to the City Clerk.
   (D)   Fee. The fee of the structural engineer shall be 1% of the cost of the structure with a minimum fee of $25. Before a certificate of compliance shall be issued by the Structural Engineer, the owner shall pay the fee above described which shall be computed from his cost records.
   (E)   Revocation of permit. Such permit may be revoked at any time by the Council when it deems public safety or convenience so requires. Upon notice of such revocation, such sign or canopy shall be removed within three days.
('68 Code, § 6.22) (Ord. 3469, passed - - )