The occupation of any street or sidewalk during the progress of building, alteration or repairs is hereby restricted as follows: to a space immediately in front of the premises, covering the nearest sidewalk and not more than one-fourth of the roadway, if without the fire limits; if within the fire limits, the nearest sidewalk and no more, or one-fourth of the street, measuring from the nearest curb. If the sidewalk is not used, the Superintendent of Streets shall require the walk to be substantially and securely covered while work is going on and no gutter shall be so obstructed as to hinder the free flow of water therein. Before any sidewalk or street shall be so used a permit must be obtained from the Superintendent of Streets and if the portion so sought to be used shall lie within the fire limits, no such permit shall be valid until approved by the Council, and the person to whom issued shall have filed with the City Clerk his bond in the penal sum of $500 with one good and sufficient surety, conditioned for the faithful compliance with the terms of said permit and with all ordinances of the city; that the applicant will pay all damages to any property or persons injured by the act or neglect of the applicant and of his agents, employees and representatives, in such use of such sidewalks and streets and that he will yield up without delay such sidewalks and streets in the like good condition in which they were taken. If practicable, a sidewalk or passageway not less than four feet wide shall be maintained at all times while such permit is in force.
('68 Code, § 6.08)