(A)   System. The system of numbering buildings shall be as follows: one hundred numbers shall be assigned to each block, and not less than two numbers to each 50 feet thereof on any street or avenue of the city. On the avenues and Broadway the first number of each hundred shall begin at the east side of each block, and continuing westward, on the north side as an even number and on the south side as an odd number (thus for example as 600 and 601 respectively beginning at Sixth Street). Broadway, from the east city limits as now or hereafter existing to Nineteenth Street, and Western Avenue from said street westward to the west city limits, shall be a base line for the streets running north and south as a dividing line for the purpose of separate numbering of houses and such buildings shall be numbered accordingly, beginning as number 100 on the east side, and as 101 on the west side, of such streets, and so continuing north or south with even numbers on the east side and odd numbers on the west side of such streets to north and south city limits respectively.
   (B)   Owners of buildings to affix numbers. The owners or occupants of buildings in the city shall affix proper numbers thereon, not less than three inches in length, which shall be legible, and placed in a conspicuous place at the side of or above the front door of the building in conformity with division (A) above. Where numbering has not been already done or where new buildings are built in blocks already numbered, or any doubts exist, the City Engineer shall assign the proper numbers. Any person who shall fail to so number any building owned or occupied by him, or who shall number the same with a different number than the one so assigned, shall be fined not more than $10.
('68 Code, § 6.04)