1.   When a boat enters the dock area, it immediately comes under the jurisdiction of the mandatory "No Wake" regulation.
2.   All boats must be fastened properly and securely and in such manner as to avoid fouling and collision. Transient boats shall not tie up ("hot slip") to boat(s) in dock area over night or for an extended period of time without prior approval. Nor shall a transient boat occupy a slip without approval of Lake Supervisor.
3.   Only pleasure boats, in good condition, sale and seaworthy, under their own power shall be admitted to berthing areas.
4.   Pets shall be leashed within the confines of the dock area. Pets permitted only if they do not disturb other guests.
5.   Boats leaving for an extended period of time will notify the Lake Supervisor's Office.
6.   Use of boats as permanent living quarters while docked or moored at the dock is forbidden.
7.   No person shall have the privilege of entering upon the premises of the dock for the purpose of working on or making repairs to the boat without the written approval of the Lake Supervisor. All work shall be done during regular hours of the dock.
8.   No refuse, garbage or waste material shall be thrown overboard or upon the docks or surrounding area. Garbage shall be deposited in containers supplied for that purpose. No person shall discharge oil, spirits, inflammable liquid or oily bilges in the dock area. Toilet facilities that empty into the water shall not be used.
9.   Noise shall be kept at a minimum at all times. Patrons shall use discretion in operating engines, generators, radios, stereos and television sets, so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance.
10.   Advertising or soliciting shall not be permitted on any boat in the dock.
11.   Swimming or diving shall not be permitted from the docks.
12.   Boat owners shall not store materials, accessories or debris in walkways and shall not construct thereon any lockers, chests, cabinets or similar structures. Painting, scraping, repairing gear shall not be permitted on the docks.
13.   Subleasing of slips, transfer of boats between slips, or from one slip to another slip, shall not be allowed except upon written approval of the Lake Supervisor. The tenant shall not assign, transfer or permit the use of assigned space to any other party without written consent of the Lake Supervisor. Subleasing or transfer without written approval of the Lake Supervisor will terminate the dock rental agreement and there will be no refund of rental fee.
14.   Laundry shall not be hung on boats, docks, or shore area, nor shall "for sale" signs or commercials displays be placed on boats.
15.   Patrons shall not carry gasoline in containers on docks.
16.   No boat will be launched until storage and seasonal dockage are paid in full. Late payment fees will be assessed in the amount of $25 per month.
17.   Guests checking out of the dock shall report to the Lake Supervisor's office and notify the Lake Supervisor prior to leaving. Boat owners will leave a forwarding address in order to permit prompt handling in the event of emergencies or if telephone calls are received for them.
18.   Violation of the above rules and regulations, disorder, depredations or indecorous conduct by a patron, or his or her guests, that might injure a person, cause damage to property or harm the reputation of the lake shall be cause for immediate removal from the lake of the boat in question, and shall be cause for revocation of the dock rental. The owner of any boat, or his or her authorized agent using the dock shall be responsible for the conduct of all persons, using, visiting or occupying the boat.
19.   Dock rental rates are classified in the following categories:
    -   Nightly rate.
   -   Monthly rate (provides option for Lake Supervisor to rent slip to others when its not being used).
   -   Seasonal exclusive rate (slip may not be rented to others).
20.   The Lake Supervisor reserves the right to assign dock space, but all efforts consistent with good business practices and the rights and desires of other tenants will be exercised in an effort to assign dock space desired by the tenant.
21.   Tenant agrees that only reasonable and customary use will be made of the dock and facilities covered hereby, and that no unnecessary wear and tear, disturbance, nuisance, rubbish or garbage will be permitted on the dock or premises, and that the tenant will keep dock and premises covered hereby, free and clear of gear, tackle and other obstructions, and further agrees not to discharge or otherwise dispose of rubbish, debris or other materials, including treated or untreated effluent or sewage into the lake.
22.   If tenant desires to dock a boat other than the one described herein, tenant must first secure permission of the Lake Supervisor and pay additional fees that may be required.
23.   Tenant authorizes the Lake Supervisor, his or her agent or employees to move and operate tenant's boat during the making of repairs or for normal marina operations and tenant agrees to hold the city harmless against loss, cost, suit or claim therefrom.
24.   No boat is to be removed from its space unless and until all charges for space rental, service and materials have been paid in full.
25.   In the event suit is brought by the city against tenant to collect any amounts due hereunder or to enforce any appropriate maritime or other liens, that tenant shall pay the city's reasonable attorneys fees incurred.
26.   In the event tenant fails to remove his or her boat and property from the rental space at the termination of the rental term, the Lake Supervisor may charge to tenant's account daily rent on a pro rata basis for each day or portion thereof the space is occupied or avail himself or herself of the remedies provided for hereafter in the event of default and any other remedy available under law.
27.   If tenant becomes delinquent in rental payments, the Lake Supervisor shall have the right to secure the property to the space occupied or to store it in any other location. Space made available by the removal of the property of the tenant may then be rented to another tenant at the discretion of the Lake Supervisor. The city shall have a lien against the above-described boat and property for any unpaid sums due.
28.   Tenant agrees that he or she bears the financial responsibility for keeping his or her boat fully insured with complete marine insurance, including hull coverage and liability insurance. Tenant acknowledges that the city does not insure the property of the tenant, and that the city will not be responsible for injuries or property damage resulting, caused by, or growing out of the use of dock or lake facilities; that the tenant releases, discharges and agrees to hold the city harmless from any and all liability for loss, injury or damages to person or property sustained while in or on the facilities of the city, including fire, theft, vandalism, windstorm, high or low waters, hail, rain, ice, collision, accident or act of God.
29.   In case of emergency as determined by the Lake Supervisor, tenant authorizes Lake Supervisor to move tenant's boat or other property, if possible and practical, to a safer area to protect the boat, the property or general welfare, if the boat is unattended and the tenant cannot be reached. The Lake Supervisor is under no obligation to provide such service. Any costs incurred by the city to provide such service shall be billed at the yard rate to tenant. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold the city harmless from any and all liability, loss or damage, which may arise out of the failure of the tenant to move the boat, the inability of the city to reach the tenant or by the movement of the boat by the Lake Supervisor. The tenant shall be solely responsible for any emergency measures.
30.   Any infraction of rules and regulations contained herein or infraction rules and regulations hereafter posted shall enable the Lake Supervisor to terminate use of the dock upon ten days' notice, in writing, directed to the tenant by first class mail to the tenant's address of record. In such event, tenant shall not be entitled to a refund of advance mooring fees and must remove his or her boat from the dock premises.