We reserve the right to evict any person that fails to abide by these rules and regulations. Violation of any of these rules and regulations or terms and conditions of a lease agreement by the tenant or lessee is grounds for immediate termination of the lease agreement.
   Seasonal Rent: In order to guarantee a certain lot for the whole year, two optional rental arrangements are offered.
   (1)   Two Installment Payment Option. The first installment payment must be received by February 15 of the current year. The second installment must by received by April l of the same year. This option will enable to campers to move on April 15, and must be out no later than October 15.
   (2)   Monthly Installment Payment Option. The rent for the first and last months must be paid by February 15 of the current year. Monthly installment payments become due on the 15th day of May, June, July, August and September. The deposit covers the last month's rent. Any one pulling out early will forfeit the deposit of the last month's rent.
   Transient Rent: Lots not rented for the season, can be rented on a monthly or daily basis on a "space available" basis.
   NO swimming or wading in the lake.
   All sites will be one camper or one tent per site at the stated fees. If you add a tent or additional people there will be additional fee per day.
   Adults are responsible for children in their care and their conduct. We ask that parents please keep children younger than 12 off the docks without supervision. All children return to their own campsites by dusk unless accompanied by a parent.
   Guests of campers are the responsibility of the campers and are subject to abide by the rules also. Anyone not able to do so will be asked to leave immediately.
   DO NOT re-arrange or move any picnic tables without permission from the Lake Supervisor or Campground Host.
   DO NOT pound, poke, jab or stick anything the ground without permission from the Lake Supervisor or Campground Host. Electrical and water lines are in ground.
Your campsite will be clean when you arrive; please make sure its clean when you leave.
   This is a family campground and we ask that you keep your speed at 10 mph and watch for children playing.
   This is a campground for recreation. Please enjoy yourselves but please respect your neighbors and refrain from any loud parties or loud music. Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., noise must be kept to a minimum!
   ALL FIRES MUST BE IN FIRE RINGS. Absolutely no burning of any wood containing any staples, nails, trash, cans and/or bottles.
   State Health Department approved water is available to the campers. Please refrain from wasting water. Garden hoses used for a water hookup cannot be buried in ground.
   All sink, shower and wastewater shall be discharged into approved holding tank and not on the ground.
   Campsites are to be kept litter free, this includes cigarettes/cigars as well as trash. There is a dumpster for trash located by the dump station. Please keep lids closed to help reduce insects.
   We try to keep the restrooms clean. We ask that you please help us keep them this way.
   If you see something that needs attention, please let us know. If you make a mess, please clean it up.
   Fish are to be cleaned at the double sink located by the dump station. Please be considerate and clean up your mess when done.
   Parking spaces are limited to TWO (2) vehicles per campsite. All boats and/or trailers limited to one must be parked in designated areas assigned by the Lake Supervisor. Any trailer locked with a padlock must provide office with a key in case trailer should need moved.
   These are allowed, HOWEVER, please keep them on the roadways and abide by the 5 mph speed limit. Please watch for other vehicles, fellow campers and children playing. Driver must also have valid drivers license.
   All boat batteries will be charged in a designated area by Lake Supervisor. No batteries are to be charged at campsites.
   All animals are NOT allowed to run freely on the grounds. They MUST be on a leash. Cleanup after your pet is your responsibility. Remember your shovel or baggies. No pets allowed in restrooms.
   No appliances that is not standard to the trailer will be allowed without paying a monthly fee of $13.50 per additional appliance. Maximum of 2 additional appliances will be allowed.
   Outside fans will be allowed as long as occupied by resident. If unoccupied, fans will be removed from campsite. No other electric accessories will be allowed!