As a term and condition of your Agreement, you are required to abide by the following rules.
   We reserve the right to evict any person that fails to abide by these rules and regulations. Violation of any of these rules and regulations or terms and conditions of the "Campsite License Agreement" by the tenant or lessee is grounds for immediate termination of the license agreement.
   Should you decide to sell your trailer please contact the Lake Supervisor. We must know who is coming into the campground before it is sold. Trailers sold without permission from the Lake Supervisor will not be tolerated. All bills must be paid up to date before a buyer can move in. There will be a $100 transfer fee for every trailer sold on the grounds. The buyer is responsible for this fee.
   All improvements that are constructed in the lake, docks and/or in the campground area shall become property of the city. No improvements shall be constructed without prior approval of the Lake Supervisor.
   Campground gate will be closed and locked annually at 2:00 p.m. on October 15. No electricity or water will be available after October 15 at 2:00 p.m. Camper may leave RV unit, as defined below while the campground is closed. All water hoses must be disconnected from the water main. All loose items must be stored in your camper on or under your deck so we may be allowed for proper spring leaf cleanup. No other vehicles of any kind are allowed inside the campground from closing period of October 15 through April 14. Camper may be permitted to walk to campsite during this period, but camping privileges apply only for the period from April 15 through October 15, ("Camping Period"), and are contingent on the city's receipt of an annual license from the State of Illinois. The city reserves the right to alter the aforementioned dates as it deems necessary.
   CAMPSITE FEES - Campsite fee can be made in two equal installments with the first installment due on or before September 30, prior to the next camping season. The second installment is due on or before March 31, prior to the camping season. A $100 late fee applies to any installment not paid by the due date. Any installment and/or late fee not received within 15 days after due date will be deemed a cancellation of the agreement and the camper shall remove any vehicles and personal property from the campground immediately. All fees are non-refundable. There will be a $25 charge for any returned checks and late charges will also apply.
   BOAT DOCKS - Individually owned - Are grandfathered in. No new individually owned docks can be constructed. Camper is responsible and liable for their docks, to maintain to safety and liability standards. The city is not responsible and/or liable in any way for these docks. Failure to maintain will result in removal at the owners' expense. See Lake Supervisor for available docks for rent.
   Seasonal dock (dock equals one side) dock usage is prohibited unless you are the authorized camper of that dock. Camper is not allowed to give permission to grant use of their dock to any other individual.
   No children under the age of 13 are allowed on docks without adult supervision.
   CAMPSITES/TENTS - Only one tent or unit is allowed per site.
   CAMPFIRES - ALL CAMPFIRES MUST BE IN FIRE RINGS. Campers are only permitted to burn wood. Burning of trash, cans or bottles is prohibited. Absolutely no burning of any wood containing any staples or nails.
   CANNABIS is PROHIBITED - Public Act 101-0593 ILCS Ch. 410, Act 705, § 10-35 "Prohibits the use of Cannabis in a Public Place". PUBLIC PLACE includes all parts of buildings owned in whole or in part, or leased, by the state or a unit of local government. PUBLIC PLACE includes all areas in a park, recreation area, wildlife area, or playground owned in whole or in part, leased, or managed by the state or a unit of local government.
   GUESTS and/or VISITORS - Camper agrees to register all overnight guests at the marina, providing guest's name, address, phone number, and dates guest will be present at campground. If you have guests bringing their own tent or camper, they must enter into a licensing agreement with the city for nightly camping privileges at a separate campsite. The camper shall have no more than six individuals or immediate family (two adults plus minor children) per site for overnight camping. Camper is responsible for all campers and guests and will assure that all obligations of this agreement are understood and abided by every person that uses the campsite.
   MAINTENANCE - Please take pride in our campground by keeping the campsite and waterfront neat and free from litter. Campers are expected to leave the campsite in the same condition as they found it. City will mow but campers must keep area around campers mowed and debris free. Camper will need to either pull unit out for tree maintenance or it is up to the camper to hire a professional with approval from the city to maintenance a tree.
   MINORS - Camper is responsible for the supervision and conduct of minors in their care. All minors must return to their own campsites by dusk unless accompanied by an adult. Camper must ensure that minors are supervised by a responsible adult and follow campground rules.
   MISC -
      *   No clotheslines allowed at the campground.
      *   DO NOT re-arrange or move any picnic tables without permission from the Lake Supervisor.
      *   Absolutely NO FIREARMS allowed at campgrounds.
      *   Absolutely NO FIREWORKS of any kind allowed in campgrounds.   
   MUSIC - Amplified music is not permitted. The volume of sound should not interfere with the camper's right to quiet enjoyment of the campsite.
   NON-RENEWAL of LEASE - Any camper without a renewed lease for the next season is required to remove their property from the premises by the last day of the camping season. Upon departure notify Lake Supervisor. Failure to remove property will result in a storage fee equal to the current daily rate for that campsite until property is removed. All access to the campground must be made in advance and by appointment only. All fees must be paid in full prior to unit removal. Any property left more than 30 days past the end of the agreement expiration is subject to abandonment proceedings.
   PARKING - Roadways must be always kept open! Each campsite is limited to one vehicle. If there is room on your site, you may park one additional vehicle if it does not stick out beyond your site area. All guests/visitors and additional vehicles must park in designated overflow area.
   BOAT/TRAILER PARKING - There is a designated boat/trailer parking area with one boat/trailer parking space for each LEASE. Other spaces are available at an EXTRA charge of $25 monthly. Boat/trailers may be stored over the winter for a fee. Contact Lake Supervisor for more information on storage. All boats must be back in water by late April so grass can be maintained. Any boats that are not being used between April 15 and October 15 MUST BE REMOVED from the premises. Summer storage for boats and trailers is not available. Boats or trailers may not be chained to any trees or posts. All boats and trailers must have valid state and City of Mattoon Watercraft Registration stickers or will be towed at the owners' expense. The city is not responsible/nor liable for trailers, boats, or other property illegally parked.
   PAYMENTS - Camper does not have a valid licensing agreement to camp or use dock unless licensing agreement has been duly executed by city and camper, and payment has been made in accordance with licensing agreement! Any payment paid online or by a bank check will not be valid without signed agreement. Both the signed agreement and payment must be received by the due date. Mailed payments are credited on the date received by the city. Payments can be made at the marina in season when the marina is open. You can pay by cash, credit card (online) or check.
   PET ETIQUETTE - Pets are NOT allowed to run freely on the grounds. All pets while outside MUST be on a maximum six foot leash, supervised, and under control. Pets must not be tied outside and left unattended. Camper must be able to provide proof of current immunizations upon request to the city. Camper is required to clean up after its pets. Pet waste must be placed into a sealed bag and disposed of in trash containers. Disposing of pet waste in the lake water is absolutely prohibited! Pets are not allowed in restrooms. All campsites have a limit of three pets per site.
   PROFANITY - This is a family campground, so language fit for all campers is required. PLEASE be respectful of fellow campers.
   QUIET HOURS - Campers and guests must respect neighbors. Quiet hours between 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
   REMOVAL POLICY - Camper is responsible for immediately removing unit, all debris, decking and other property from campsite at termination of licensing agreement. Upon termination of the licensing agreement, patios, stone walkways must remain on the campsite and may not be removed. Campers who fail to clean litter or debris from campsite are subject to clean-up fee plus any additional expenses occurred by the city. Camper is responsible to reimburse the city for the cost to repair any damage to campsite or dock.
   RESTROOMS/BATHHOUSE - Please note "NO SMOKING" and "NO PETS" permitted in the restrooms! Campground facilities are open 24 hours a day during season.
   SALES (any Unit): - No trailer, mobile home or unit is allowed to be sold and kept on site. Any unit that is sold while on campground property must be immediately removed. Leases for campsites are non-transferable.
   Sub-leasing is prohibited. Lots available are based on requests and/or waiting list. Contact the Lake Supervisor for all inquiries. Please contact Lake Supervisor immediately in the event of ownership changes. Existing mobile homes are grandfathered in but the unit cannot be sold as of 9/30/2020 without being removed.
   The East part of the East campground is in Cumberland County and the mobile homes must pay a property tax that is billed to the city. Those amounts will come from the City Clerk, broken down by Cumberland County.
   SPEED LIMIT - 10 MPH is the maximum speed limit. This is a family campground WATCH for children playing. All golf carts should remain on the road and off the grass.
   STORAGE - Campsites are not storage areas - Please do not store anything under or around your unit that does not pertain to camping. Small totes are recommended for those small camping items.
   STRUCTURES - No permanent structures, additions, sun/screen rooms, covered deck or fences are permitted. No outbuildings larger than 4ft x 8ft x 7ft will be allowed. A permanent structure is one that cannot be removed immediately upon request. Decks are permitted with approval of plan drawings. Decks may not impede other campsites. Maximum deck dimensions can be no longer than your camper and no wider than 12ft. No improvements shall be constructed without prior approval of the Lake Supervisor. All requests should be made in writing and emailed to Lakemattoon@gmail.com.
   SWIMMING AREAS - NO swimming pools or hot tubs allowed. NO jumping or diving in the lake from any docks or campground shoreline. Lake Mattoon has one designated beach for swimming. Swimming or wading in Lake Mattoon is at your own risk.
   TERMINATION - If a camper or a camper's guest violates the terms of the agreement or rules, the camper and guests will be ejected, any refund of fees will be forfeited, and camper will have two weeks from the date that they were ejected to remove unit and all property from the grounds. Any property left after such two-week period shall be removed at the camper's expense and the city will not be liable for any damages to the property.
   TRANSPORTATION - Please watch for other vehicles, fellow campers and children playing.
   Four wheelers, ATVs, side by sides, scooters, or any vehicle not licensed by State of Illinois (other than for campground staff) are NOT allowed. Golf carts are allowed, HOWEVER, anyone driving a golf cart or gas/electric vehicle MUST HAVE VALID driver's license and proof of insurance. Camper must be able to provide a copy of insurance at any time upon request. Camper is responsible for the acts or omissions of anyone driving a vehicle owned by camper. All motorized vehicles MUST remain on the roadways and abide by the 10 MPH speed limit.
   TRASH - Household trash only. Campsites are to be kept litter free. Trash must be placed IN the dumpster, do NOT place next to dumpster. Please keep lids closed to help reduce insects. Absolutely no dumping of any kind is permitted. Cigars and cigarettes must be fully extinguished and disposed of in proper receptacle.
   UTILITIES - Camper is responsible to pay for electricity and water usage. Failure to pay for electricity or water bill by due date may result in cancellation of the agreement. Meters will be read on or close to the 15th of the month. Bills are due on the 5th of each month following the reading. Any payment not received by or on the due date will be charged a minimum $25 late fee. Any payment along with late fee not paid by the 15th of each month will also be charged a $25 non-payment fee and disconnected. We reserve the right to shut off power without being held responsible for any damages. If we need to pull a meter, there will be a $25 reconnect fee for the hours of Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. There will be a $50 reconnect fee after 4:00 p.m., holidays and weekends.
   ELECTRIC - Camper will be billed according to usage with at least the minimum monthly amount of $13.50. Due to the lack of electrical outlets if the city must connect to a campsite's electrical outlet camper will be credited for the city's usage. Electric meters will be shut off on October 15.
   WATER - There will be a $15 monthly charge for water usage during the season April 15 to October 15. All units must be checked for leaks on a regular basis. If a leak is found, water will be shut off until the leak is fixed. Camper is allowed to power wash their units. Please do not be wasteful and leave water running. The yearly water will be shut off annually on October 15. Every unit must be winterized by then and hoses disconnected from water spickets.
   DO NOT pound, poke, jab or stick anything in the ground without permission from the Lake Supervisor. Electrical and water lines are in ground.
   Camper will be responsible for any damage caused by camper or camper(s) and /or guest(s) to any electrical post and/or water connection/line. Law enforcement may be notified. Any unit with skirting/underpinning must have a trap door close to the hookups so we have access in case of a water leak.
   Rules and Regulation Changes - § 98.020 Rules and Regulations: The City Council, after consulting with the Public Works Director, the Park and Recreation Director and Public Works Advisory Board, may from time to time establish rules and regulations as may be deemed advisable or necessary to make, in giving full force and effect to the carrying out of the provisions of this chapter, and may amend and repeal any such rules and regulations at any time.