(A)   At all of the railroad crossings of public highways, streets and alleys, the several railroad corporations shall construct and maintain within their respective right-of-way, sidewalks, culverts and approaches either across, over or under their tracks as the case may be, so that at all times such crossings shall be safe as to persons and property.
('68 Code, § 37.04)
   (B)   Whenever any railroad corporation shall neglect to construct or maintain in good repair any crossing or approach, as aforesaid, the Mayor shall cause written notice to be given, specifying the nature of the work required, and if within ten days after service of such notice such work is not done, the city may forthwith cause such construction or repairs to be made and recover from the railroad company the cost thereof with all necessary expenses incurred.
('68 Code, § 37.04)
   (C)   Railroad grade crossings over any streets or alleys shall be protected as required by the U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission and the State Commerce Commission.
('68 Code, § 37.06)