(A)   Available rental space in off-street parking lots, as determined by the authority in charge of parking, and as marked and designated therein, may be rented at the then current monthly rate per space upon terms subject to revocation by the city at any time. Application for such rental space shall be made at the office of the City Clerk, and upon payment of the rental charge in advance rental permit will be issued by the City Clerk.
   (B)   (1)   The Police Department and all members thereof are hereby authorized to remove and tow away or have removed or towed away by commercial towing service any unauthorized car or other unauthorized vehicle parked in a space rented on a monthly basis.
      (2)   Such unauthorized vehicle shall only be removed and towed away upon request by the person entitled to use such rented space and only upon the signature of the person entitled to use such rented space on a complaint alleging an appropriate ordinance violation.
      (3)   It is hereby ordained and declared to be public nuisance for any person to park an unauthorized vehicle in any parking space rented on a monthly basis.
      (4)   The penalties as provided in § 35.01(B)(11) shall be assessed for any violation of this section and the costs of towing and storage of any vehicle towed and stored pursuant to this division shall be assessed upon plea or conviction in addition to any fine or costs of prosecution.
(Ord. 2008-5254, passed 5-6-2008; Am. Ord.2012-5346, passed 3-6-2012)  Penalty, see § 35.01(B)(11)