(A)   All ordinances passed by the City Council shall thereupon be recorded at length by the Clerk in permanent record books, provided that typewritten or printed certified copies of the originals may be pasted in such records, provided with ample stubs running through them lengthwise. Ordinances shall be divided into three classes, and books provided accordingly:
      (1)   General ordinances, in which those pertaining to subject embraced in this general ordinance revision are covered.
      (2)   Special ordinances, relating to special subjects, including appropriations and tax levy, and not comprised in the other two.
      (3)   Improvement ordinances, relating to improvements of every kind and nature, whether by general or special taxes or special assessments.
   (B)   Upon the back of each ordinance a number shall be placed running consecutively under the above general heads (separate thereunder). Such records shall be provided with a numerical and alphabetical index combined, and ordinances indexed accordingly. The City Clerk shall also endorse on every ordinance the date of filing, when read first and referred, when reported and read second time, and any other definite action had and its nature, with pages of the journal of the Council. A similar entry shall be made on the record copy thereof, and where publication is legally or by such ordinance required a certified copy of publication, with publishers' affidavit attached to it.
('68 Code, § 2.12)