(A)   The City Council may from time to time as necessity requires employ a competent civil engineer or engineers to do the general engineering work of the city, exclusive of engineering work to be performed in connection with any local or public improvement instituted under the Local Improvement Act of the state. The City Engineer shall be paid such compensation as shall be fixed by the Council.
   (B)   (1)   The City Engineer shall prepare and submit plans, estimates and specifications for such work as the Council may direct. He shall supervise the construction of all public work for which he is employed and see that it is properly executed; and if the contractor fails or refuses to execute the work in accordance with his contract, the Engineer shall suspend the work and report the facts to the Mayor.
      (2)   He shall, when required, receive, inspect and measure all material to be used in any public work of the city, and if necessary, shall keep an accurate account of the quantity and quality of the same, the cost thereof, from whom received and for what purpose used, or to be used; he shall examine all bills for material so received by him or in connection with his department, and, if found correct, shall certify same to the Council for allowance.
      (3)   He shall give or mark the grade of any street or alley, where established, at the request of any person desiring to erect any building or enclosure or to lay any sidewalk thereon. He shall make surveys within and for the city that he may be called upon to make by the Mayor, Council or Board of Local Improvements, and shall employ the necessary chairpeople and such other assistants as the Council may authorize.
      (4)   All records, plans, specifications, and maps prepared or kept by him in connection with the foregoing services shall be the property of the city.
('68 Code, § 2.27)