§ 31.02 BONDS.
   (A)   Amount. Every officer of the city shall execute a bond before entering upon the duties of the office, with good and sufficient security to be approved by the Council, payable to the city, conditioned as hereinafter provided, and in the penal sums respectively as follows:
      (1)   Mayor, $3,000.
      (2)   Commissioner of Accounts and Finances, $3,000.
      (3)   Commissioner of Public Health and Safety, $3,000.
      (4)   Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements, $3,000.
      (5)   Commissioner of Public Property, $3,000.
      (6)   City Treasurer. Not less than three times the latest Federal census population or any subsequent census figure used for motor fuel tax purposes.
      (7)   City Clerk. Double the estimated amount of all receipts coming into or remaining in his hands in any one time during the year, but in no event less than $50,000.
      (8)   Other officers. In such amount as the Council shall specify by resolution.
   (B)   Surety; premium. The City Treasurer and City Clerk shall each furnish a bond secured by a responsible surety company. The bond shall be accompanied with a sworn financial statement of such surety company. Where personal bonds are given they shall be secured by two responsible sureties, at least one of whom must be a property owner of the county.
   (C)   Officer surety for another. No member of the Council and no person holding any office in this city shall become surety on the official bond of any other officer of this city.
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