§ 31.01 ELECTIONS.
   (A)   Method of holding. Municipal elections shall be held in accordance with the Illinois Compiled Statutes, 1993, as heretofore and hereafter amended.
   (B)   Canvassing returns. At an adjourned or special meeting of the Council within one week after any municipal election, the returns shall be canvassed and the result shall be declared, and the City Clerk shall enter the same at large on the journal, with the names of all persons voted for and the number of votes received, as well as the office.
   (C)   Tie. In case of a tie, the City Clerk shall notify the persons interested to be present at the next regular session of the Council, at which time the tie shall be determined by lot, in the following manner: There shall be placed in a ballot box as many folded slips of paper of equal size as there are persons having an equal number of votes; upon one shall be written the name of the office, upon the other the word "Mattoon." The candidate drawing the ballot or slip on which the name of the office is written shall be declared elected. If a candidate fails to appear or refuses to draw, the Mayor may appoint someone else to do so for such candidate.
   (D)   Order at polls. The Chief of Police and all other police officers shall attend at all elections for the purpose of maintaining order and keeping the peace under the orders of the judges who shall maintain order at the polls, and may command any police officer in attendance to arrest any person who shall disturb the peace by riotous or disorderly conduct.
('68 Code, § 2.01)